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dferner-cover-2-w-shadowA combination of memoir and guidebook, Doctor, Heal Thyself chronicles author D.J. Ferner’s nearly ten-year journey with multiple sclerosis — of discovery, acceptance, and healing. A medical doctor with a specialty in emergency medicine, Ferner says, “I am a physician, and I have, in many ways, healed myself. I feel compelled to tell this story of multiple sclerosis (MS), with the hope that sharing My Story might make a difference in someone’s life.”

The story starts with Dis-Ease and ending with a new understanding of life and the capacity to overcome. This book is a tool to share with those who are struggling with multiple sclerosis. It will be life-changing for some as they find ideas and assistance to navigate the turbulent waters of the disease.

While this is not the first book to challenge conventional thinking for treatment of MS, it is not intended to be a replacement for disease modifying therapy. This is a story intended to open new doors and initiate a wider scope of thinking for treating Dis-Ease. In the end, we always have choice.

Dr. Ben W. Thrower, Medical Director of the Shepherd Center’s Andrew C. Carlos MS Institute says, “D.J. Ferner does a great job of painting a picture of MS as a journey. As a physician, he is keenly aware that traditional Western medicine has much to offer in the long-term management of MS, but any person dealing with a chronic health challenge must find an appropriate place in their life for that challenge. Dr. Ferner discusses how he found happiness and peace in his life while dealing with his MS. He points out that the treatment toolbox includes much more than just medications.”

Doctor, Heal Thyself is available on Kindle.


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